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June 20, 2012

Smart Battery Tester (Analyzer) for iPhone 4 battery testing from China Gadget Land

buy cheap 2500mAh Smart Battery Tester(Analyzer) for iPhone,Mobile phone, PDA, Camera, and Camcorder Batteries wholesale on China Gadget Land

Tired of suddenly finding your iPhone 4 out of battery? This device is for you! This item can test iPhone 4 battery voltage and capacity and can tell you whether or not your battery is still functioning properly or if you need to charge soon. It's perfect for individuals on the go who depend on a lot of devices. Never be caught off-guard again.

This Smart Battery Tester(Analyzer) is more Intelligent, more powerful, more fast and more smart, Professional Analyzer Program included to help user to monitor whole testing process and east control the Smart Analyzer. Charging / Discharging curve is on real-time display on your computer when testing battery packs; PC Interface program to let user control the Smart Analyzer more easily; Saving and Printing test result on computer, that means user can print the testing result by any printer with his computer, No more specified printer; More fast testing speed for saving customer's time of waiting; Large LCD display for easy reading and controlling by buttons of Smart Analyzer; 4-pole probes applied for more accuracy testing result.

The Smart Battery Tester(Analyzer) with professional program can test up to 7.2V Mobile phone, PDA, Digital Camera and Digital Video Camcorder battery packs; The Smart Battery Analyzer can test Li-ion, Li-Pol, Ni-MH and Ni-Cd rechargeable battery packs, and offer 9 testing functions: Charging/Discharging, Voltage, Capacity, Resistance, Short Circuit Protection, Overcharging/ Over discharging protection, Reactivating, Quick Charge, Quick Discharge. It is a great testing equipment for electronic stores, repairing centers, fleet battery users, cell phone dealers and battery sale's centers.

Video Instruction for conducting Quick Testing on iPhone 4 battery by Using Smart Battery Analyzer from

Video Instruction on how to conduct Quick Testing by using Smart Battery Analyzer Application Program:

Video Instruction on How to get battery contact pin connected on Smart Battery Analyzer:

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