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October 29, 2012

buy cheap 77cm Pipe Snake Bore Scope USB 2.0 7.0mm Camera with 6 LED Lights wholesale on China Gadget Land

This High Quality Pipe Snake Bore Scope USB 2.0 Inspection Camera lets you see a clear image of problems in hard to reach locations as well as a convenient tool for investigating damages, issues, and situation within a deep hole, pipe, or between rocks and stones. As a handy inspection device with a small camera head that helps you search inside hard to reach places.

It has 6 built-in LED lights (with Brightness Control) on camera head to illuminate the inspection area. The 77cm Flexible tube with ultra-thin 7.0mm camera head is waterproof so that you can inspect area under water, gaps and holes especially with small openings. The tool set also comes with mini mirror to attach to the camera head for viewing to identify the problem conveniently.

This inspection camera has many applications including HVAC inspection, vent pipe, machine equipment, engine, cable routing, automotive, boat, aircraft inspection, oral examination, ear detection, search and rescue, video monitor, sewer pipe inspection, cast mound in wall inspection, as an assessing tool for electricians, mechanics, plumbers and contractors to inspect without having to do unnecessary damage and solve problems faster than ever before.

- High quality 77cm Pipe Snake Bore Scope USB 2.0  7.0mm Camera with 6 LED Lights
- LED light control
- USB 2.0
- Waterproof cable
- Handheld USB endoscope
- Flexible cable
- Snapshot button
- Adjustable LED lighting wheel
- 6 LED lights

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