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October 12, 2012

buy cheap Color Changing LED Light (Bubble Lamp ) wholesale on China Gadget Land

buy cheap Color Changing LED Light (Bubble Lamp ) wholesale on China Gadget Land

Buy Color Changing LED Light (Bubble Lamp ) from at wholesale from China directly.

A long style LED lamp made of glass, composed of bubbles and color changing! Decorate your room with amazing colors!

Are you tired of the depressing atmosphere reigning in your room? Each time you go home you feel bored because there is nothing more diverting than the wooden clock of your grandfather going "tick-tock"? What about enlightening your mind and apartment with bright and vivid colors? This beautiful lamp is designed in this purpose thanks to its 4 main colors (red, green, blue and white) and 12 secondary ones. According to your mood simply select the one you need or 1 of the 4 modes available (flash, strobe, fade, smooth).

Operated with a remote control (up to 8 meters away) it is convenient for people used to lay down on the sofa while listening to music or watching TV. The color changes and luminosity are smooth and adjustable so it matches with preferences of everyone. What more? This item has bubbles located inside its bulb, which makes funny shapes when the light is projected on any surface!

Beside the relaxing aspect this lamp is also educational. When the light goes through the bubbles it is dispersed and its spectrum appears on the wall. What a nice surprise when the white beam displays a rainbow! Thus become a teacher for your kids and explain them how a few colors create others by combining them. They will admire you even more than before!

  • LED lamp with bubbles
  • 16 colors and 4 modes
  • Visible light spectra
  • Bright and pleasant
  • Remote control operated

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