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October 9, 2012

buy cheap Multifunction cavitation &RF beauty equipment wholesale on China Gadget Land

buy cheap Multifunction cavitation &RF beauty equipment wholesale on China Gadget Land

This machine can effectively break the fatness, uses focus strong ultrasonic head to release 40, 000Hz ultrasonic, speedy vibrate fattiness cells, produce countless vacuum air pocket in and out cells, through human body normal consuming, then exhaust out of the body.
 Ultrasonic Liposuction Equipment, through high energy deep-level transport, takes 1100nm-1500nm high ultrasonic head to shoot out violent energy, produces itch cavitation in cellulite cells, forms countless tiny vacuum oxygen bubbles, by means of the pressure to make FAT cells membrane, act on the cellulite, breaks them, then exhaust out of the body by lymphatic system
The facial RF liposuction system is effective for facial liposuction and has long term effect. Fat is easy to accumulate in the cheeks, jaw and cheekbones and redundant fat makes your face fatted, like “Moon-shaped face”, “Reversed face”, “Double chin” and “Square-shape face”, which lose the beauty of facial outline. While the subcutaneous fat accumulation in the above parts are adaptive to treat through facial RF liposuction cooling system.

Cavitation treatment:
Put enough gel on the treatment part make sure the
cavitation head can move flexibly. And add gel if it's not enough to avoid hurt of skin.
28KHz head: 8 mins for abdomen, 10 mins for buttocks.
40KHz head: 10 mins for haunch, 12 mins for huckle. 3 times for the 1st week. 2 times for the 2nd & 3rd week. Then 1 time for the following weeks. Normally, cellulite will reduce 2-3kgs after first one or two times. One month as a course. And it will reduce 5-10kgs. Keep holding on, until reach the satisfactory effect.

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