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December 29, 2012

buy cheap WiFi SD Card (4GB) wholesale on China Gadget Land

buy cheap WiFi SD Card (4GB) wholesale on China Gadget Land

Connecting and transfering your pictures and videos from your camera to your iPhone, Android phone, or PC over wirelessly.

This state of the art technology WiFi SD card is capable of making your old none wireless digital camera accessible via your mobile phone or laptop. Simply insert the wireless SD card into your digital camera or DSLR camera and then using your mobile Android phone, iPhone, Tablet or laptop access the WiFi network that the card produces and after entering the password you can explore all the material and data on that camera. It is not just limited to digital cameras but also a vast amount of digital products such as digital videos that have the SD card slot.

The wireless SD card is a plug and play accessory therefore it does not require any installation or additional software. It transforms your technology into a built-in WiFi hotspot. A maximum of 5 users can access the WiFi hotspot at any given time. JPEG files are supported as well as AVI, MP4 and MOV video files. Also most popular browsers can be used during the wireless connection such as Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, Google Chrome and UC.

Easily share all your pictures, videos wirelessly
Plug and Play
4GB SDHC Type 4 Card
Receive all your data from your iphone, ipad, android tablet, other smartphones with WiFi and PCs

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