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January 16, 2013

9“ Roof-Mounted Car DVD and Media Player and Game Player

9“ Roof-Mounted Car DVD and Media Player and Game Player

Transform your car, minivan, or SUV into a mobile movie theater with this 9 inch overhead flip down monitor and car DVD player unit. It's an ergonomic, feature-packed, and easy to install car audio and video player that will bring both driver and passenger hours and hours of entertainment delight.

Multimedia Powerhouse
This roof mounted car DVD player is so feature-packed that it will open you to an exciting new world of in-car entertainment and also raise the resale value on your automobile should you decide to sell it. The DVD player itself is region-free so you can play any disk (DVD, VCD, CD) on it whatsoever. It comes with a SD card and USB flash drive media player which plays most popular audio (MP3, WMA, etc.) and video media formats (DIVX, AVI, MP4, etc.). For sound, this Roof-Mounted Car DVD and Media Player has built-in speakers as well as an FM transmitter to convey audio to your car speakers.

Ergonomic Car Media
Why go with an overhead flip down monitor style car DVD player and not a regular in-dash car DVD player? It's all about the angle. With an in-dash car DVD player you're looking down at the screen and for some people this can be tiring. With an overhead monitor, you can lean your head back against your plush and comfortable headrest. Easier on the neck. What's more, overhead flip down monitor car DVD players also make it easier for the passengers in the back (kids, coworkers, friends) to see what's playing!

Easy DIY Installation
Simply remove the 4 screws at the bottom of the unit to detach the metal support bracket. Tighten the metal support bracket to the roof of your car. Attach the unit back onto the metal support bracket. That's it! There's no need to call in a professional when you can install and uninstall this unit yourself. This Roof-Mounted Car DVD and Media Player also comes with an interchangeable tan/grey cover, which is great if you have switch between multiple vehicles but with different colored interiors.

9 Inch Overhead Screen
800 x 600 Resolution
Remote Control
Region Free DVD Player
Interchangeable Tan / Grey Cover
FM Transmitter

Screen: 9" 16:9 digital LCD panel, 800*600 resolution
Slot-in disc loading (anti-shock mechanism)
IR transmitter for wireless headphone
With USB port and SD card slot (supports up to 16GB - not included)
Built-in speakers
Built-in analog TV
With door control light and fashionable dome light
A/V input and output, audio (stereo)/video (CVBS)
Full functional remote control
Multi-language OSD: English, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Italian
PAL/NTSC standards
Removable Plastic Housing: Tan and Grey included
FM Transmitter Frequency: 87.7MHz, 88.1MHz, 88.5MHz, 88.9MHz, 106.7MHz, 107.1MHz, 107.5MHz, 107.9MHz
Ports/slots: DVD loader, 2x AV Out, USB, SD, AV in, 3.5mm earphone
Dimension: 340mm*280mm*60mm

Package Contents

9 Inch Roof-Mounted Car DVD and Media Player
Power Cable
Grey Case
Tan Case
AV Cable
Remote Control
User Manual
4x Screws

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