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January 29, 2013

buy cheap Digital Driving Recorder with Night LED Fill-in Light wholesale on China Gadget Land

buy cheap Digital Driving Recorder with Night LED Fill-in Light wholesale on China Gadget Land
This kind of digital driving recorder breaks through the digital driving recorder on the market at present and records the front highway condition into interior of host machine by using digital camera lens of host machine itself and keeps back highway condition of the car into memory car by using a rearview camera lens attached to the back of car.
Micro SD card is used as storage device to be small and exquisite. Compared with general digital driving recorder, this kind of digital driving recorder can record can record more micromesh and perfect video, and the video can directly output to HD TV for playing to really enjoy HD vision effect.
GPS MAP can be employed to look up the former driving route record, this kind of digital driving recorder is external and freely choose whether need function of GPS. (GPS is required to be purchases separately and not contented in the product), the operation system of windows XP SP3, CPU is 3G of single core, 2.5G of dual core, internal memory is more than 2G.
- 1280*720 30fp with rearview video effect of D1(720*480)
- 5M 2 million CMOS wafer, interpolation (12 million pixel)
- Night LED fill-in light
- Be provided with the function of white balance compensation in various settings
- Built-in rechargeable lithium batteries
- Display screen of 2.7 foot TFT 16:9
- Be provided with function of exposure compensation
- Built-in microphone/trumpet
- 32G for maximum support volume of micro SD card
- Be provided with possesses external GPS antenna, can look up driving route(need to be purchased externally)
- HD TV output interface: HDMI sign output, be provided with resolution ratio reaches up to 1280*720P
- Wafer: 2.8 CMOS wafer, 1/2 5’’ light-sensing surface area
- Lens: Four pieces of prime lens, 3.0 aperture, 7.45mm focus length
- Liquid crystal display: 2.7 inch 16:9 TFT LCD
- Video output: output of HDMI signal
- Photograph: JPG file format, the top output megapixels: 12 million megapixels
- Video: H.264 compression format
         1280*720, 30 fps  720*480 D-1
         640*480, 30fps 720*480 d-1
- Audio: built-in microphone/ speaker(AAC)
- Balance: Automatic/sunshine/cloudy day/ fluorescent/ incandescence light
- USB interface: USB 2.0
- Battery: High capacity lithium rechargeable battery, 3.7V 180mAh
- Work humidity/temperature: 10%~80%  -10~65℃
- Color: Black or White
- Size: 112*53*32mm
- Weight: 0.066kg
Note: Please choose the color , otherwise we will randomly to send color.


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