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January 17, 2013

buy cheap Hands-Free Car phone (Car Kit) with LCD Display and Bluetooth-Enabled wholesale on China Gadget Land

buy cheap Hands-Free Car phone (Car Kit) with LCD Display and Bluetooth-Enabled wholesale on China Gadget Land
It is dangerous holding a cell phone while driving, using this hands-free car phone, it won’t spread your attention again, be safety.
Regardless of your cell phone is in your pocket or handbag, you do not need to panic and find cell phone again, the car phone will prepare for you automatically, you can call or receive freely, be convenient.
With its outstanding color display, fast dialing key pad, superior sound quality and other useful and practical features, it has proved to be a good choice for drivers who want to enjoy high-quality hands free phone calls but do not always remember to charge their car kit.
- Hands-Free Car phone (Car Kit) with LCD Display and Bluetooth-Enabled
- No electromagnetic radiation, different with Bluetooth headset, car phone is far away from your head, and the privacy wireless earphone is only a receiver, never transmit, so be healthy
- Plug and go, clips to the vent, no professional installation needed
- TFT Color LCD displays mobile phone information, including Menu operation, incoming call numbers, phonebook finding, and so on
- Redialing of the last 10 phone numbers
- Speed dialing of up to 10 preset phone numbers
- Fast dial with preset two IP numbers
- Caller ID TTS and operation audio mentions
- Pairs with up to 4 phones, automatically turns on and links up with your phone when you enter and start your car, and turns off when you stop the engine
- Fast and easy dialing , you may choose to dial through your cell phone , through the car phone key pads, or through downloaded phonebook numbers, last called, fast call set numbers on the car kit
- Separate speaker, nice and almost unnoticeable when plugged in the cigarette lighter socket in your car, ensures clear and crisp sound quality
- Automatic answering and hanging up call: you may choose to be connected automatically to answer your calls after 1 to 4 rings
- Privacy call: You may choose to use the wireless earphone included in the car kit for privacy reasons, switching is easy and convenient
- Data secrecy. When your cell phone isn’t linked to the car phone, nobody can see your call records or phonebook data
- Play your Cell phone MP3 music through Bluetooth, and broadcast through FM frequency, you can receive from your car radio
- Phone book download. If your cell phone is compatible with PBAP protocol, then the car phone will automatically down load your phonebook, you can find the numbers fast and dial up quickly
- Smart audio recognition. If your cell phone supports audio recognition, such as IPHONE3, IPHONE4,IPHONE4S etc, through the car phone you can dial your phone book, control your mobile music playing using audio
- Language selection: English, Chinese, Russian, Arabian
- Compatible with most Bluetooth-enabled phones


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