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January 29, 2013

buy cheap WIFI Camera Concentrate On IOS and Android wholesale on China Gadget Land

buy cheap WIFI Camera Concentrate On IOS and Android wholesale on China Gadget Land
The GOOGO software can be faultless applying based on the IOS and ANDROID system smart phone and tablet computer, the GOOGO has passed the audit for the APP STORE and ANDROID MARTKET, the GOOGO software is installed for the use of GOOGO CAMERA, it have been tested that will not be harmful to the smart phone and the tablet PCs based on IOS and ANDROID.
All GOOGO software content( include text, pictures, sound, video, and the program’s copyright belongs to the patent owners stated GOOGO software and product packing.
GOOGO CAMERA is the first camera can be connected with IOS and ANDROID smart phone and tablet PC by the WIFI functionality for peer-to-peer communications. GOOGO software can change the password on their own by the customer on phone and tablet PC. And GOOGO CAMERA can take photographs and record the audio and video. GOOGO CAMERA can be used without any external network, such as WI-FI router.
The distance of the role is perfectly suited to the WI-FI. Alliance under the distance within the range of 100M. It apply to traffic safety, baby care, home safety, small range troops battlefield alert, wild life, office sensitive sites monitoring. It has portability, security, privacy, independence, low power consumption and transport large numbers of data. GOOGO CAMERA built-in lithium battery.

GOOGO CAMERA absolute prohibition of behavior used to pry into the privacy of others without their permission, and without the consent of the parties to the national legal authorities and collected voice, video, image, and so can not be used as evidence in count. GOOGO CAMERA user to make any violation of the parties countries, people cluster, law, religion, ethics, behavior has nothing to do with the product.

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