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March 6, 2013

buy cheap Mini Car GPS Jammer ,GPS blocker wholesale on China Gadget Land

buy cheap Mini Car GPS Jammer ,GPS blocker wholesale on China Gadget Land

This GPS Signal Jammer can use in Worldwide!
Isolating Signal Bandwidths:
GPS: 1500mhz-1600mhz
(1) Working Band: L1 system 1500 to 1600Mhz
(2) Compatible with Signal Jamming Power: 200mW
(3) Coverage: 3-6 M
(4) Power supply: 12V
(5) Antenna Impedance: 50 w
(6) Currency Supported: 200mA
(7) Dimension: 20x105x35mm (LxWxD)
(8) After sales service: 1 year warranty
GPS Jammer-This anti GPS tracker disrupter will knock out GPS logging or GPS tracking system which may be operating on your vehicle, using our GPS disrupter system will make it very hard for any one to keep tabs on you or your vehicle, most spy devices can be quickly installed to a vehicle and allow the users to track your every move by mapping software or a GPS recording system, this unit will disable the GPS link and render the spy device useless.
Operation is very easy, it plugs into the cigarette lighter and its on! Obviously your cigarette lighter must work to power the device but this is the only requirement for operation, any one can use this effective GPS disrupter.
The GPS disrupter will cover the area of most vehicles from a large car to a van or small truck, it must have a 12v output for power please be sure of voltage if installing into a small lorry or truck. Transformers can be purchased from most good auto shops to allow 24v to be stepped down to 12v
1 x Mini Car GPS Signal Jammer
1 x User Manual

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