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May 23, 2013

buy cheap 2.1A Car USB Charger for iPad Car Cigarette Lighter USB Charger wholesale on China Gadget Land

buy cheap 2.1A Car USB Charger for iPad Car Cigarette Lighter USB Charger wholesale on China Gadget Land

This compact car accessory instantly changes your cigarette socket into a USB port , and allows you to charge any of your electronics devices, especially for charging your iPad at 2.1A high current output, also suitable for charging your iPhone, iPod, smart cell phones, PSP Player, PS Vita, MP4 player, car GPS navigator, portable media player or any device that charges through a USB that you can think of. 

This Car Cigarette Lighter USB Charger comes with an LED indicator that lights up to let you know that your iPad, iPhone, iPod, cell phone, PSP Player, PS Vita, GPS Navigator or any electronics device you happen to be charging is being charged. In addition, it also comes with a fuse that gives you more safety and protection for charging your electronics devices.

    Suitable for any car or truck make and model
    USB car gadgets
    Charge all your iPad, iPhone and other electronics devices in the car
    Compact size
    Turn your cigarette lighter socket into a USB port

  High Performance 2.1A Output Current USB Car Cigarette Lighter Charger
  Input Voltage: 12 - 24V DC for using on Car 12V Cigarette Lighter or Truck 24V Cigarette Lighter
  Output Voltage: 5V
  Output Current: 2.1A
  Indicator: Single blue LED Light
  Power Source: Car Charge


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